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About Us


About Us

We have a mission which is to ensure that advertising efforts are unified throughout the world in the most efficient way.

We have an aim to ensure that different network partners are created within the elements of advertising in the industry and also ensuring that the quality required to maintain the capacity of our operation is well sustained.

We have families of solution which regularly deliver services that are related to marketing. These could be media buying, performance, programmatic, video, and mobile marketing. Our clients have been able to get better awareness for their brands as well as achieve their set objectives in their respective niches.



We have been ensuring that we achieve perfection in
every service that we do render
to our clients.



We ensure that our team has the most up
o date knowledge that will positively affect the businesses of our clients.
We have high regards for knowledge and skills.



Integrity and honesty are very vital
when dealing with clients.
This is what our reputation has been built on over the years.



We exceed any of the normal limits to ensure that new ideas
which can positively influence the businesses of clients are introduced.


Richmond Hill, Canada Tel Aviv, Israel Amsterdam, Netherlands Kyiv, Ukraine Menlo Park, USA Berlin, Germany

Mobile Marketing

We always make use of the most current mobile marketing technology to ensure that the brands of clients are exposed to the right audience. Online marketing future is largely being dictated by machine learning algorithms as well as big data. We have a platform which makes use of this vision.

Whether such is advertising or publishing, we have the needed technologies to ensure that your mobile marketing objectives over a given period of time will be fulfilled.


Complete monetization

Profit from 100% of your traffic.
With global filler campaigns
for remnant traffic, we make sure
every last bit your traffic
generates revenue.



Integrate via API, JavaScript or Smartlink,
with our tech support on hand to assist
in any part of the process


App Boost

We know exactly how to bring your
application in front of a relevant
audience. Your brand’s constant
presence in app store categories ensures
a powerful organic jumpstart of engaged
users, that allows scaling your business


User acquisition

Lifetime value customer acquisition
is the core objective that ensures
an app’s success.
You are guaranteed to get quality
mobile-web and in-app traffic
from reputable publishers.


Flexible formats

Ads come in all shapes and sizes
to make your promotion as seamless and organic to user experience as possible.


Technology powerhouse

Optimization and analytics unified across devices and media
channels will help you reach
the right audience, engage them
on a deeper level, and monetize
the traffic


Discover infusive ads with our native platform

Take full advantage of infusive advertisement. Our approach seamlessly integrates with app navigation, topping it off and creating a flowing use experience, instead of confusing potential customers.

Our native ads integrate smoothly into the user journey. They allow attracting pre-engaged audiences with highly targeted acquisition campaigns, making sure the quality of users meets all of the client’s KPIs.



6B clicks


2M installs delivered monthly


2TB user profiles


80M user profiles


This is a platform which is specialized in Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns. It will deliver marketing solutions that are cost effective as well as of high quality to publishers and advertisers. We have different advertising solutions that can enable clients to have their digital marketing campaigns built over time.

Experience and versatility

We have a team that creates as well as manages various campaigns for different industries in the globe.
We are an outfit which is always prepared to assist clients have their projects marketed.
It could be helping them become more competitive and also ensuring that the right exposure is given to their brands.

We maintain transparent and beneficial relationships
with our clients. Innovation, creativity, and consistency
in our practices are the key qualities that make
us stand out in the industry and deliver
the quality services the company is renowned for.

  • Gaming & Social Casino
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • E-commerce & Retail
  • Social Content
  • Mobile Utilities
  • Finance
  • Lead Generation
  • Sweepstakes & Vouchers
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Dating & Personals
  • Insurance

Media Buying


Media Buying

We have a platform that is technology driven with technical solutions
that will not only have performance marketing campaigns streamlined
but also fully automated to earn the most money.
The major aim of our platform is to ensure that advertising efforts
are optimized in the best way possible thereby ensuring
that there is a great partnership or relationship between publishers and advertisers.


Global coverage


Best converting landing pages


Intelligent algorithms


Weekly payments

Affiliate Management

Affiliate marketing and program management services are provided by the proactive affiliate marketing agency of LMG
is able to provide professional affiliate marketing management and launch your affiliate program within
a single affiliate network or throughout multiple affiliate networks. LMG is a premier affiliate marketing agency and all of our team
members are trained and managed in our offices. Real people, real tools, real results when marketing your affiliate program!

We provides transparent affiliate program marketing and management. Your company team members will have access
to our online collaboration interface which will allow you to see our marketing and management efforts
in real-time.

Real Time Bidding


Our RTB Platform is a fully integrated programmatic marketing
machine built for publishers and advertisers looking for innovative
strategies and solutions to maximize yield.

Our RTB Platform is built around the proprietary algorithms, developed
as leaders in the search marketplace. Leveraging
our excellence in decision and data analytics, Our powerful
RTB platform connects the right advertiser to the right publisher
at exactly the right moment.


APP Developing

We provide enterprise mobile application development services for both internal-facing employee
apps and customer facing apps. We offer customized services to enterprises based on specific needs,
whether it be end-to-end app development, team integration, or staff augmentation. We specialize in both native
and cross-platform development and will work with you to deliver a solution that best fits your objectives.


We are the trusted enterprise mobile app development partner for some of the world's largest organizations, including more than 35 Fortunee
500 companies. Our approach encourages flexibility, scalability, and security, with an emphasis on building for long-term success.


End-to-End Development

We provide custom, end-to-end
enterprise app development services
that span the entire project lifecycle,
from conception to technical delivery.
For organizations that are new
to mobile, we can help build
your entire mobile strategy.


Long-Term Mobile Partners

Many of our enterprise clients choose
us as their long-term mobile development
partner. Rather than a project-based
approach, we are embedded with your
team and provide consultation, strategy,
app development, and training
to your team.


Staff Augmentation

We offer staff augmentation
to enterprises that have a mature
mobile strategy and don't require full
development services. Whether you need
specific echnological expertise
or additional staff to achieve your mobile
goals, we can help fill in the gaps.


Strategy & Consultation

Our enterprise app development services include mobile strategy and consultation to help your organization craft a mobile vision that encompasses short, mid-range and long-term goals, how to deliver on those goals from a technical perspective, and how to measure their success.


All Code In-House

We do not outsource any of our work. We do this to ensure both security and high-quality output.


Scalable Solutions

We develop scalable solutions that can handle the big data demands of large enterprises.

If you want to join our team,
please contact us and we will
discuss all options




Track all your ads in one place

We’ve built a high-level tracking technology to let you manage
all your ad campaigns in one place. It is a universal solution
for advertisers, publishers, and media buy teams, who deal
with performance, mobile and video marketing.

LMG core provides real-time statistics and in-depth analytics,
which can be easily accessed through the intuitive client
interface. The dashboard is stuffed with many efficient tools,
such as native API, JS scripts, smart link, and more,
which enable optimization, integration, and full traffic


KPI-based Data Analysis

Integrate specific user events into reporting to track and improve metrics relevant to your business goals


Algorithmic Optimization

All the adjustments are going to be handled for you by algorithms that are machine learning. There is constant monitoring of runtime metrics to ensure updates are carried out if there is any need for such.


Freedom of Format

All of devices are being supported by LMG core. The same applies to ad formats, channels and others. We have services that every online marketer can explore.


Seamless Acquisition

Reach out to your audience today in a way that is natural and real. When users are being targeted in an organic way, they will easily get the message that you are trying to send across.


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